Preclinical Head
In full charge of the preclinical research of company's pipeline products and the project management of preclinical department.
Responsible for evaluation of the in vivo pharmacodynamics and toxicology of company's projects, including experimental design, tumor model construction, pharmacodynamics evaluation, mechanism research, data analysis, research report compilation and writing.
Responsible for the assessment, screening, and execution of outsourced CRO test projects to ensure the quality and efficiency of CRO test projects.
Responsible for completing tests of the project from the in vivo pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, toxicology aspects and so on. Summarize data, give feedback, and assist to solve problems.
Control the timeline of each research project to ensure that projects are accomplished on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.
As the head of preclinical department, supporting IND application and early clinical design.
Ph.D. in animal medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, immunology or oncology and other related majors in biomedicine.
Preclinical experimental research experience of CART or cell therapy products.
Familiar with animal (rats) model construction and animal experiments.
Strong scientific research capability and enthusiasm; able to design independently, follow up and analyze experiments.
Possess experience in coordinating and managing teams, and strong project management capabilities.
Able to analyze and solve problems independently; have good sense of team spirit, good organizational coordination skills and communication skills; and be able to adapt to work under greater pressure.
Excellent Chinese and English communication skills (oral and written).