Immune Functional Verification Scientist
Technology Development
Responsible for establishing experimental platforms associated with cell biology and immune cell products, including but not limited to functional detection platforms and quality control (QC) platforms of immune cell products.
Design, execute and optimize crucial experiments of cell biology and immunology.
Assist the preclinical team to execute pharmacodynamic tests and toxicological tests of immune cell products (mainly responsible for jointly discussing experimental schemes, data analyses and summaries).
Report research results in internal and external meetings; accomplish related thesis writing and patent application.
Actively assist in cross-organizational cooperation, including internal R&D departments, regulatory departments, and external clinical teams.
Train and instruct cell biology research assistants.
Ph.D.Biological background (immunology, biomedicine, biological sciences, etc.)
More than 3 years of work experience in CART, cell therapy and other related industries is preferred. Research experience of hematopoietic stem cell and immune cells such as T cell and NK cell is preferred.
Rich theoretical and practical experience in cell biology; strong problem-solving and execution capability; be adept in inductive methods for data and presentation.
Possess excellent cell experimental operation skills; strong sense of responsibility; actively work; strong learning capability and teamwork spirit.
The following skills and experience are preferred: 1) Isolation and culture of immune cells (NK cells, T cells) 2) Stem cells differentiation to immune cells 3) Immune cell related function experiments, such as immune cell killing test, ADCC, MLR, etc. 4) Experienced in animal experiments (rats), especially experience in pharmacodynamic tests associated with immune cells
Certain project management or personnel management experience.