Protein Engineering
Technology Development
Lead the design and engineering of novel protein targets, including monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, fusion protein, cytokines, and other recombinant proteins to meet therapeutic requirements.
Evaluate engineered protein function by designing and conducting experiments, including folding, localization, and affinity kinetic studies.
Actively participate in nominating new frontier targets and establishing new drug discovery programs; helping create an environment to channel scientific curiosity to build and deliver a sustainable portfolio
PhD in structural biology, protein science, or related fields with 2+ years’ postdoctoral experience in structural biology or protein engineering.
Strong background in protein engineering, expression, and structural prediction. Experience in multiple transmembrane protein structure determination is preferred.
Experience in de novo protein design or structure-based macromolecular drug development is an asset.
Initiative and interest in learning new technologies and new disease-relevant Biology.
Ability to communicate and coordinate as an academic/industrial leader, ability, and willingness to work collaboratively with others effectively. Ability to be responsible for building the effective research team and enhancing the overall strength of the laboratory personnel.
Proficiency of English listening, speaking, writing, and reading.