Cell Therapy/Immunology Scientist
Technology Development
Design, plan, execute and manage proof of concept studies in stem cell research, immune cell research and cancer research with a focus on developing NK cell products.
Develop assays for evaluating function and efficacy of immune cell products by phenotypic and functional analysis using multi-color flow cytometry, ELISA, RNA seq, in vitro cytotoxicity assays and in vivo xenograft tumor models.
Collect, maintain, and organize primary data and analysis accurately and timely in accordance with company policy, and assist in patent filing process.
Prepare and present data to team members and external partners.
Provide management and training for research assistants.
Ph.D. in Immunology, and / or with 2+ years of postdoc training in immunology or hematogenesis or cell therapy-related research in an academic, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical setting.
Excellent cell culture practice is a must.
Experience in in vitro assays of cytotoxicity killing and cytokine production is highly desirable.
Knowledge in iPSC and Embryonic Stem Cells is preferred.
Experience in viral vector-based modification of cell lines and primary cells is a plus.
Excellent coordination and communication skills in both Chinese and English.
Self-motivated, positive attitude, willing to learn, results-driven and team-oriented.