Protein Engineering
Lead the design, optimization of candidate protein targets, including monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, membrane proteins, cytokines, and other chimeric proteins to meet therapeutic requirements.
Lead the design, execution, and interpretation of study plan and experiments to optimize and evaluate candidate proteins.
Provide leadership and guidance for both direct reports and project team members to drive efficient communication and project completion.
Provide direction to the R&D executive leadership on product development strategies.
Work closely with molecular engineering team to identify and generate CAR designs and cell line tools needed for novel CAR evaluation.
Manage research plans and progress of projects performed by contract research organizations.
Provide guidance on CAR design parameters in collaboration with program biology teams.
Critically evaluate and interpret datasets leading to go/no go decisions on candidate CAR designs and compile comprehensive datasets supporting each CAR asset.
PhD in structural biology, protein science, or related fields with 2+ years of postdoctoral experience in structural biology or protein engineering.
Strong background in protein engineering, expression, and structural prediction.
Initiative and interest in learning new technologies and new disease-relevant Biology.
Ability to communicate and coordinate as an academic/industrial leader, ability, and willingness to work collaboratively with others effectively.
Excellent coordination and communication skills in both Chinese and English.
Self-motivated, positive attitude, results-driven and team-oriented.
Desirable Qualifications and/or Experience
Experience in multiple transmembrane protein structure determination is a plus.
Experience in de novo protein design or structure-based macromolecular drug development is a plus.